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Cheddarchet said:
TheBlackNaruto said:

Legend of Dragoon for me is at the VERY top of my list. But I would also love to see

The Bouncer
Def Jam vendetta and fight for new york
Chorno Cross
Vagrant Story
Legend of Legaia
Saga Frontier 1&2
Baiten Kaitos
Rouge Galaxy
Onimusha series
Xenosaga series(along with Xenogear)

There are more but those should do for now lol.

Edit: and Skies of Arcadia can't forget that one!

YES! Loved Baten Kaitos, and it's yet another game more people need to play. I feel like it's held up pretty well, too. The metallic voice acting even kinda grew on me after awhile.

You two. you have some freaking good taste!