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ninjaman003 said:
Cheddarchet said:
TheBlackNaruto said:

Legend of Dragoon for me is at the VERY top of my list. But I would also love to see

The Bouncer
Def Jam vendetta and fight for new york
Chorno Cross
Vagrant Story
Legend of Legaia
Saga Frontier 1&2
Baiten Kaitos
Rouge Galaxy
Onimusha series
Xenosaga series(along with Xenogear)

There are more but those should do for now lol.

Edit: and Skies of Arcadia can't forget that one!

YES! Loved Baten Kaitos, and it's yet another game more people need to play. I feel like it's held up pretty well, too. The metallic voice acting even kinda grew on me after awhile.

Isn't Baten Kaitos like a trading card game, how does that work?

Not really, no. It's a jrpg, and your moveset is taken from cards in a deck. That's the only part of it that really has a tcg feel. You can buy the magnus (what they call the cards) from any shop like you would equipment in a normal jrpg. Otherwise, you level your characters, gain special skills (from cards) as you get further in the game, and all that jazz. It's just very, very well done. The battle system is actually fairly tricky, the semi-real time setup takes a little getting used to, but its' good.