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prayformojo said:
Aura7541 said:
MS shouldn't have said that.... They should have just put their foot down and say Halo: MCC is Xbox One-only. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently convince people to wait for the PC version to come out, especially after what we saw with Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

Yeah but, how many people will be playing it by the time it drops for PC? That's why I would get the console game at launch if I were going to get it. With games like this, online community is the life blood of Halo games. When they dry up, the game does the same imo.

The PC gamer userbase is very big, not to mention they will enjoy a better and smoother experience than on an X1. Steam is really huge. Just look at how high the FFXIII preorders are on Steam despite it being 4 years old.