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Vena said:
antfromtashkent said:


1.) You grind for PvP too. So this point is literally self-contradictory.

2.) Marginal means its still there (and I argue its not even marginal). Self-contradictory again... also this contradicts your point (1.).

3.) Halo's story may not be revolutionary or good, but itx certainly better than the drivel spewed by Destiny.

4.) Yes.

And no, my argument isn't a strawman. :D

1. I dont even know what that means.

2. I said that after LVL 22 it does not have effect. To say that it has an effect on the PVP balance is just not correct. Like I said LVL 14 items have the same effects as LVL 20 epics. Im still using my LVL 14 gun and its doing its job just fine.

3. LOL Titanfall. This is a thread about the rating games these days is it not? How is this all af a sudden a huge deal when I cant think of a single FPS game where it was a major factor in scoring it? This where my argument is steming from. The rating system is broken and this game got the shit end of the stick just because it tried something thats not common in FPS. 

4. Yes.... lol