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waltz said:

So with Nintendo saying there moving away i think the wii u needs a update like

1.New pro controller with headset/phone jack and analog triggers and button layout like the gamecube controller or ps4

2. wii u with a bigger hardrive 500gb

3.get rid of unnececary things bundled in the wii u and and a pro controller and making every game have an option to play with either the gamepad or pro controller 

4. have first party games online and online chat with everyone what i mean byn that is that in mk8 there's no chat in public lobbies which is truly strange for game made in 2014

5.get back the big third party games ex: assasin's creed, Call of duty, ea/2k sports game 

6. advertise the damn thing more for hardcore instead of family friendly nintendo in my opinion that really hurts nintendo's image if they want to cater to the hardcore

7. support the console after the succesor is announced and released 

1. Very niche audience. Not a bad idea for them but it's hard enough to keep shelf space for Wii U right now without adding more obscure accessories.

2. External HDD price is basically identical, no reason to force bundling for a device with terrible online functions. Plus games couldn't fully take advantage of the drive, since they could not assume that every system would have the hard drive space to have a large HDD install/cache.

3. For a lot of games, removing the gamepad requirement would be nearly impossible. They'd have to go back and reprogram a bunch of games (many of which they likely don't have the permission to reprogram) or else the system wouldn't work with those old games at all. Then there's also the game companies being forced to develop gamepad support that won't even be useable by all gamers. They might just skip it entirely and make no interesting gamepad features, since they'd only be appealing to a portion of the Wii U audience (which might be smaller than the whole Wii U audience would have grown to at that point, without a gamepad-less version).

4. I think parents would rather their kids not have online chat, and that's a big part of their market. It can be toxic in general, too, even among only adults.

5. They need to have more people buying it that are interested in third party games for that. The people who buy those big $60 releases regularly seem to be okay to spend $400 on a PS4 or else just stick with PS3/X360.

6. So they should advertise it more for hardcore players based on what? Nintendo's reputation for making hardcore games? Nintendo's long appeal to adult gamers? They have no history on it. Microsoft has a lot more reputation and history with doing that (with minimal focus on "family friendly" content at best), and they're struggling too. This is no guarantee of anything. Plus, they'd have to start developing mature content right now and release it 1-2 years from now at the soonest, which is likely near the end of the Wii U's life cycle anyhow.

7. Wii (original) was dropped like a rock. That's not all bad though. Backwards compatability, a cheap system, and low used prices made it pretty unimportant.

Their audience has matured, and the new audience is interested in other types of gaming. They aren't delivering the heavy hitters as rapidly as needed to keep the boat afloat. The system is too expensive with the forced accessory for what it is. It has had poor marketing.

A bunch of things could help it, only big exclusives could possibly save it (or prolong its death). Ending its life soon with a powerful successor (comparable to PS4) is a stronger plan.