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Jega said:
Danman27 said:
Jega said:
Danman27 said:
Three games. A 3rd party game that will sell well for all systems, a dying franchise, and a game the hasn't been announced yet. If that's that best you can do, I'd be scared for the xbox one's future.

And unanounced exclusives. Do you really think Microsoft would reveal the entire Xbox One line-up for then next 6 years in the first year.

No. I'm saying we shouldn't be betting that a new gears of war will come out, and that it's the saving grace of the xbox one. That's like me saying the reason the ps4 is winning this gen is because of the last of us 2. Will it probably exist? Yeah, but I don't understand why we'd be betting on it. 

Unanounced games mean more than the 3 I mention.

I failed to respond to Halo is a dying franchise.

How is Halo a dying franchise?

And a new Gears of war was not anounced but is in developement.

Halo sales have been going down since 3. People don't care about it anymore. And my argument doesn't change. You do realize that the ps4 also has exclusives that aren't announced right? I've noticed something. People defending the xbox one talk about the ps4 as if it's static and the xbox one will evolve. The xbox one will evolve over time, but so will the ps4.