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Wagram said:
NeoRatt said:
vivster said:
This is gonna be fun. Can't wait for a certain group of fanboys to spin this as Sony's fault.

Any DDoS or hack down is the fault of the company to which the hackdown or DDoS attack hit.

Any company that does not take security 100% serious does not deserve to store my credit card or private information.  Period.  Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo must all be vigilant and make sure this does not happen.

I work in IS/IT as a senior management resource.  If my company got DDoS or hacked down I would be fired in a heartbeat.  In the real world there is no tolerance for this BS.  The companies need to be paranoid about security.  It is that simple.  Credit card information and privacy information is too important to just have "ok" security.

DDoS attacks are well document and easy to prevent.

I suppose everyone at Riot, Sony, Grinding Gear Games and Activision needs to be let go then, because you said so.

They are a bunch of amateur's at protecting their networks.  like I said, if one of the companies I worked with ever got DDoS'd I would be canned.  DDoS are not hard to protect against.  you just need good people implementing good technology properly.

My reputation as a senior manger is on the line everyday.  if I can't protect my companies against internet threats they will find someone who can.