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LOL! Watch this video. Either Mel is on Crack from the depression he has from losing his wife of 50 years, or he has the parkinsons. I love this guy! Great actor!


Anyways, he made this role! Just like he made Lethal Weapon! He is Lethal Weapon! Just because he was not raised right and hates certain ethnical groups does not mean he does not deserve this. A life time of good outweights the needs of the many. Or if I can put it more bluntly, the life time of good does not get wiped away by a few missteps. The past is the past. Do you still eat off of Paula Dean cookware? Did you enjoy Mike Tyson in The Hangover movies despite his biting of the ear of his fellow African American Boxer? No. You love them all!


Forget about what Mel did in the past. Our focus on Celebrities and their failures turn them into lamo's! Look at Cruise and Swarzenegger. Arnold is too old for action now that he took office, and Cruise struggles in nearly every movie to bring you back to him. Because we are focused on them now. Every little thing gets reported. Cruise was recently reported to be homosexual. Nothing wrong with that, but that is not the kind of cred he wants right now. Then there is the beatings he gave the girl from saved by the bell that he had a daughter with, and everything else.


Just let Mel in the movie!



That is him people! A younger, skinnier, fuckable Mel gibson. With his awesome daog that is so much cooler than ConeyG and Smeags dgs.

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