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ninjaman003 said:
MikeRox said:
daredevil.shark said:
BTW it seems the list was made by someone who has started gaming after 2000.

With Elite in there? :p

Actually seems more like a list from people who have been gaming for the long haul but aren't clouded by nostalgia.

I think a lot of older games are better without having to deal with nostalgia. Super Metroid would easily be in my top 10, but I only played it this summer.

It's interesting, I never really got on with Super Metroid, yet I loved the Prime games, Symphony of the Night and Metroid 2 and Fusion. (Never played the NES one)

But as I edited in my post, Nintendo will have suffered from a much lower presence in the 8 and 16 bit days in the UK compared with other parts of the world.

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