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I:"M SORRY< you can bqan me, I am eaqting meat and druin k as a fuckin gsuckd, I hate life and tyhe life I have, but I have MEAt! damn i LOVEW WEMGTATY NKOdg i'M ON YEH [PORN LOOKING at you!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell me ywife I am eating cheese and ed mmeat becaue UI am  cLsaSSHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnj gINA i hate i t alll!!!!!!!!! kronnnnnnn! mY WIFE THOINKS i'M,EVIL; BECAUSER SHE'S PART OF A KOOKY RTELIGION, IA HAVE NO FRIEND ASA BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL PART OF A STUPID SRTUIDOPID RELIGION THAT SAYSS SSS THA i'M EVIL; bigots, I HATE MY DWDWEAD END JOBWWWW, AND iT'S 530 AND [M TNKED! weHAT DO i have ???????????? eye????????????????? fuck ypu ALL AND IT A;;;;;, JUST BRICKS IN TE WALL.SS...........................................FUYCK

You can find me on facebook as Markus Van Rijn, if you friend me just mention you're from VGchartz and who you are here.