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Random() said: Monty why do you insist on having the 360 reach 10 million? You dont approach a problem with an answer and then fit data to prove it. You need to accept that these are solid estimates. VGCharts is very transparent and therefore seem credible. Unlike some other nextgenwars type of sites...
Why do I have to accept things at face value? Isn't it ok to question the stats? As for vgcharts being "transparent", I highly disagree. They tell you they get numbers from NPD and Media Create... REALLY!?!?! That's not anything special there, random. The real question is where they get the rest of their data. Data from Europe, Mexico, and other parts of the world are NOT easy to come by. I tell you what.... why don't you ask where they get all their numbers from and see how "transparent" they really are?