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2008 will be Sony's year. It has the best exclusives on the way.

First let's start of with the Monster house kick ass AAA PS3 exclusives for 2008:

Metal Gear Solid 4 - This game is really going to be something else. This is the finale for snake and it sure will be a great game.

Killzone 2 - This game is setting up the standard in the graphics department. This game looks great, but people are wondering if it plays great. i dont think guerilla will disappoint us. i mean as of right now it already beat halo3 in the visual department. i think i heard they will be using the halo3 control scheme, but who knows. i am looking forward to this game.

GT 5 - Sony setting up the standard in this one once again. well not sony, but polyphony. they have always set up the standard for racing and always kept cars looking fresh, great and with a lot of power. playing GTHD i think i can safely say it did beat forza in the graphics department. the game handles like the others and the gameplay will be even better than the others made. Better AI, more Opponents on the track. Beautiful looking car, lets see how far polyphony takes its game to the max. AAA all the way no other racing game like it.

Little Big Planet - at first i was like ehhh but watching some trailers of the game. it looks like it will be a blast. you can make a cool world to your liking and share it over the psn network. sounds cool to me, i think this will be a great game non the less....

Resistance 2......need i say more?