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TalonMan said: Again - we're still talking about this 200k... ...can you point me to the EXACT place where NPD confirmed 200k were sold during that week? This is pure speculation on your part and it's just flat out silly. I've directed you MANY times to go here: http://www.vgcharts.org/welcome.php and read this, but you persist with this petty nonsense. You're right - vgcharts is totally unreliable. Their numbers are off by less than 500k, so eveything that's posted on this site is complete crap. You win - now, why not go start your own website and post your own version of where sales currently stand. Here, I'll give you a hand: MS 360 - Ubermillions!!1!1!!!one-eleven!! PS3 - 0 Wii - 0 Feel better?
Come on... keep up with the debate here! I've answered this a few times already. Initially we knew the US numbers were 4.9 million in the US through Dec 25th using NPD data. I ESTIMATED an extra 200k for the last week of the year, making the US total 5.1 million. NPD confirmed the 5.1 million number the other day. In a link I have now posted TWICE they showed 4.5 million in Xbox 360 sales for 2006. NPD data shows 610k in sales for 2005. Added together, that equals 5.11 million in the US total since launch. My ESTIMATE was therefore correct. I estimated 5.1 million in the US, and the NPD confirmed that estimate. You're so hung up on the 200k estimate, and I don't understand it... just throw it away if you'd like. NPD says 5.1 million for the US, and that's all that matters now. It doesn't matter that I was right on it, just as long as I can help out with the accuracy of the numbers! And, I appreciate you agreeing with me now. And to clarify, they are off by under 500k in just NA. There is practically an entire world outside of NA. If they are off by this much in the area that is by far the EASIEST to figure, wouldn't that make you wonder about the other areas? And, I'm truly sorry if my examining the stats or quoting NPD data upset you so much. I like to discuss stats, and you folks are fun to discuss them with.