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Gran Turismo 5 is not as good as its predecessors! It gets an 82 in Metacritic, and that's very low for a Gran Turismo game.


Gran Turismo got 96.


Gran Turismo 2 got 93.


Gran Turismo 3 got 95.


Gran Turismo 4 missed the mark of excellence, and got 89.


82... Wow... That's definitely not bad. I mean, it's a good score, but for a Gran Turismo game, it's definitely a let down, and it's definitely no masterpiece.

Well, I guess we'll have to scratch Gran Turismo 5 off of the Playstation 3's redemption list. That's okay. We still have Metal Gear Solid 4, and Final Fantasy 13, to redeem the Playstation 3. However, I don't think they will stay exclusive, but you never know.