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thetonestarr said:
Taking some time off again because I've been starting to get burned out on Minecraft, and also I just happen to have made some major breakthroughs in Kerbal Space Program.

I'd been trying for a long time to make a landing on the Mun but I couldn't figure out how to get my ship there with a proper lander, so I couldn't freaking do it. But this week, I suddenly made major breakthroughs in figuring out what I was doing wrong (partially on my own, partially with the help of Scott Manley), and I've now been able to successfully land on the Mun and Minmus both, and return safely. HUGE research bonuses.

Next up,I plan to (1) do more landings on the moons to do more research, (2) try doing a flyby of the next two planets themselves, and (3) see if I can't redesign my ship so I can take up a science jr and obtain even more science points from everything I've done. I've not had the best of luck with science jrs yet.
Next up, I plan to

def a fun game, always good to enjoy a break from things WoT has been one of mine. i find in kerbel things have changed so much from the last time i really played it having to rethink many of my rockets and start from scratch. still very fun, those new engine part make a major change

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