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Monty said: NoIdea said: Are you kidding? About what? About the 200k? I cited it several times in this thread... it was based off of NPD numbers and avg sold per week in the US. The average was 250k, but I took it down because the 25th isn't a shopping day. In the end, I was right... yet again. I was citing 4.9 million + 200k for the final week, which = 5.1 million in the US. NPD confirmed that the other day. If you have a problem with those figures, take it up with the NPD! As I pointed out above, none of these figures are *mine*. Most of you are arguing with yourselves, NPD, or vgcharts. I'm just enjoying the show! To recap... here's what we know: 5.1 million in US sales (source: NPD) 510K for Canada/Mexico stats (source: everybody here cites 10% as the number for this figure, except me... of course, but I'll go with *yours* for now) Total for NA = 5.61 at the end of 2006 vgcharts total = 5.26 (although it was lower when we started this debate) So, I go back to my original statement... the 360 numbers do not add up. If you don't like it, complain to NPD, to yourselves (for coming up with the 10% number), or vgcharts (for being wrong). Do not kill the messenger!
Again - we're still talking about this 200k... ...can you point me to the EXACT place where NPD confirmed 200k were sold during that week? This is pure speculation on your part and it's just flat out silly. I've directed you MANY times to go here: http://www.vgcharts.org/welcome.php and read this, but you persist with this petty nonsense. You're right - vgcharts is totally unreliable. Their numbers are off by less than 500k, so eveything that's posted on this site is complete crap. You win - now, why not go start your own website and post your own version of where sales currently stand. Here, I'll give you a hand: MS 360 - Ubermillions!!1!1!!!one-eleven!! PS3 - 0 Wii - 0 Feel better?