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Zelhawks37 said:
oniyide said:
Zelhawks37 said:
tyig said:

Classic Nintendo Fanboy logic reaction here: "I didn't want it anyway."

It's not like the game was funded by Nintendo fans first or anything...

Pointless post, but typical notheless.

it was funded by Ninty fans PC user and PS 360 users. Now im not saying what they did is right but the latter two versions got dropped completly and they arent complaining anywhere near as much.

Because those are last gen systems. Should Nintendo fans not complain at all then and accept this? I don't think so.

what kind of logic is that? the game was announced as PC PS360 and Wii U and was funded by users of thsoe systems. Whether they are last gen or not is irrelevant as they still funded the project. Not even sure why you brought that up.

My point is Wii U owners are still getting the game, so lets not act that they got screwed over, yes it sucks they have to wait but thats what it is. PS360 owners got a rawer deal and they arent complaining