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Roar_Of_War said:
Tamron said:
Smear-Gel said:

Wii U owners paid for this game to be made, and was rewarded with this. Slightly Mad studidos basically said "shut up losers, we can do whatever we want" and it's somehow Ninty's fans fault.

As did PS3, PS4, PC, 360 and Xbox One owners, with the largest bulk of payments being from PC sim enthusiasts (all of the highest tier founding positions, which account for a large portion of the total, are pc simmers).

So let's not pretend that WiiU owners paid for all or even a lions share of the game, shall we.

Present data?

I want numbers on who denoted more.

If you're a backer go join the members forums here: http://forum.wmdportal.com/forumdisplay.php?23-Project-CARS and read the posts by the highest backers, and check out the user polls, by all means.

If not then simply look at the funding breakdown at the top of the forum.

Junior: 89,960 €
Team Member: 260,945 €
Full Member: 386,525 €
Senior: 161,100 €
Manager: 488,805 €
Senior Manager: 886,030 €

Members Total: 2,273,365 €
Slightly Mad Studios: 1,500,000 € (the studios own money)

Of that 2.27m member funding,  1.37m of it is from manager and senior manager positions, the other 898,530 is from senior member or lower.