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Busted said:

“Our devs just need more time to adapt a WiiU version… PS4 and XBoxOne are closer to the PC version.”

“If people want a sim race on WiiU, they’ll buy it, even in one more year… If they prefer Mario

Honest Translation:

''We actually don't care about the Wii U version, it was a mistake to let it live after we moved the 360 and PS3 version onto 8th gen but we did too much on Wii U to just let it waste so if we have some spare time after everything is done we'll get back to that''

''We have no competition on Wii U so if you want a race sim you're forced to buy our game, no matter whenever the f we decide to launch it lol, or just stick to your arcade racing, whatever, we don't care''

That's about right. Given the Nintendo audience isn't known for devotion to sim racers SMS is almost certainly relying on the other platforms for profitability. And that would be true even if the Wii U version released on the same day aas the others. So Wii U will sell 200K instead of a likely 500K, no big deal really as long as the game is good enough to sell 3 million across PS4bonePC.

Remains to be seen whether Project Cars can compete with the Xb one and PS4 exclusive offerings. At least Project Cars is not going head to head with GT on PS4, so there's a chance people will go for that over Drive Club.

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