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Welcome back to The Rating Game.

The success of a console is most defined by the games that are released on that console during it's lifespan. 

Some consoles depend on massive 3rd party titles to carry it through the years, others rely on their in house 1st party titles to shine brightest on their  hardware.

There are many things that can happen in a consoles life that can or will make it a success, but one of the most important windows of a consoles lifespan, is it's Launch.

The launch of a new console is key to building that early buzz, that buzz  that may attract the not so hardcore gamer's, and is also a great window to pull in your hardcore gamer that is egarly awaiting that brand spanking new gaming machine. But one thing is for sure, you better bring the Launch games.

Launch games are almost always a mixed bag. Few gems, lots of ports and a few titles that make you scratch your head ans ask, wait, this does not look  NEXT GEN ? 

We have seen many great launch games in our gaming history. Some that we even still play to this date. Games like SSX on the PS2, F-Zero released on the SNES, Super Mario World released on the SNES and even Geometry which was released on the XBox360.

So today we will be asking the question, what is the BEST Launch Game of All Time ?

And the nominees are, 

HALO: Combat Evolved - XBOX 2001


Soul Calibur - Sega Dreamcast 1999


Super Mario 64 - N64 1996


All 3of these games are nothing short of masterpieces in their own right, but there can only be 1.

2 Questions. 

(1) Which of these Launch games is the BEST LAUNCH GAME OF ALL TIME.

(2) If NASA asked YOU to place one of these 3 games into a capsule that will be launched into space and to be returned to earth in 100 years, which game would it be ?