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ICStats said: Lol, and I suppose you think you are more correct than this site? Perhaps we are talking to the next Nostradamus right here. Or perhaps a Microsoft insider? Then again not even Microsoft can know exactly how much was sold to consumers, only how much they shipped to retail. The VGCharts numbers are as educated as you will find anywhere on the net. Your disputes have been near useless. You already nocked your impressive estimate of 10 million to 8.7 million. What makes you argue so much for a mere 570k difference? If you're so smart then take the numbers with a pinch of salt and stop complaining.
I think that NPD numbers are more right than this site, as I pointed out. Again, these aren't *my* numbers. And for the 1 millionth time, I never said I believe the total to be 8.7, and I NEVER CHANGED MY OPINION. I took YOUR guys's figures to show how it had to be more than what vgcharts is reporting. The 8.7 came when I took your figures to show how even you guys believe it is wrong, but just didn't know it. I still believe that the total is much closer to 10 million than it is to 8 million. I'm only using NA stats as that is easiest to prove. If it is off by half a million in the NA, then how much off is it in other parts of the world where figures are harder to come by? And, I don't think it's fair to tell me that I'm not supposed to put any faith in these numbers! If you're going to make a site and claim it is the most accurate on the net, then dammit... it should be the most accurate on the net, and we should come to expect that.