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Monty said: Cryoakira said: Main problem is : where does these european figures come from ? I'm french, I'm working in one the biggest french games retailers (Micromania), and we don't have figures for the french market, except what MS gives on the X360 (and I wasen't specifically talking about X360, but all consoles, so the same goes for Sony or Nntendo). In most of european contries, there aren't any real statistics about the real consoles and video games sales. Nothing like NPD or the jap institutes. Nobodies is able to exactly tell the actual numbers of units sold, only the number of units distributed. That's a lot of why I put little faith into sites like this one or nexgenwars. They are highly entertaining, and make for fun debates. However, take them for what they are worth as there is a lot of assumptions made when making out figures like this, and you'll find there is a LOT of play... meaning if you favor one console over another, you can push and pull figures just about any way you want. There are far too many areas of the world that you simply can't find hard stats for. If anybody tell you they know exact figures for these parts of the world, then I wouldn't trust them very far. One thing I enjoy about this site more that some others is that at least they started with a forum and will openly debate you, and allow you to question their methods/figures. That definitely says something, even if they are so very, very, very wrong!
Lol, and I suppose you think you are more correct than this site? Perhaps we are talking to the next Nostradamus right here. Or perhaps a Microsoft insider? Then again not even Microsoft can know exactly how much was sold to consumers, only how much they shipped to retail. The VGCharts numbers are as educated as you will find anywhere on the net. Your disputes have been near useless. You already nocked your impressive estimate of 10 million to 8.7 million. What makes you argue so much for a mere 570k difference? If you're so smart then take the numbers with a pinch of salt and stop complaining.

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