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BenKenobi88 said: I honestly think Revolution would have been too cliche. Wii's not the greatest, but it grew on me. Complex games can be fun...but then again some FF games just bore the heck outta me. FF:CC was pretty enjoyable in my opinion.
FF games... 8, 9, 10, 11... SUCKED. EDIT: And I mean 10 REALLY sucked... And if you think I mean 10 REALLY sucked. Dont get me started on FFX-2... It sucked 10x MORE than 10 sucked. :P EDIT2: As in FF10, FF11, and FF10x2 are the only mainline FF games I dont have. FF9 rocks your socks.. FF8 sucked... not as much as 10 tho. And FF7 Was a good one, but I liked 9 better. FF6 is absolutely killer. And FF4 is killer. FF13 is awosome. But I cant compare it to a old FF, becuase of the diffrent gameplay.

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