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League of Panopticon! Top 20 - WorldWide Ranking - 6 Nov 2014

1- Hong Kong: 6,5Bil

2-Seoul: 2,6Bil

3-Taippei: 1,7Bil

4- Tokyo: 552M

5-New York: 182M

6-Los Angeles: 156M

7-London: 114M

8-Kuala Lumpur: 100M

9-Singapore: 72M

10-Toronto: 63M

11-Manila 59,6M

12-Berlin 59,5M   :( 

13- Chicago 58,0M

14-Paris: 55,1M

15-Honolulu: 51,7M

16-Houston: 42,8M

17-Sydney: 42,8M

18-Moscow: 42,0M

19-Athens: 39,6M

20-Santiago: 35,7M

21-Madrid: 29,8M


PSN IDs for MP

-ngodtirex :     Panopticon City: Berlin   (gamrconnect user: nanzano)

-Forevercloud :   Panopticon:              (gamrconnect user: forevercloud3000)     

-MikeRox : Panopticon City:   Galapagos (gamrconnect: user MikeRox)

-leafy_bug: Panopticon City:  Houston (gamrconnect: user outlawauron )


Release dates: NA October 28th        EU:Oct 29 digital and Oct 31 retail.

The 2nd Best selling PS VITA Game in Japan first week!!!

The game is a battle action game, and will feature online and offline multiplayer functionality, both co-operative and competitive, for up to eight players. The game will also make use of the Vita's built-in GPS functionality, near. The game features a whip called the "thorn" that the player can use to zip across the battlefield and pull giant monsters to the ground.

The game features a system known as the City-State War Mode, where players are separated into 47 Panopticons, with each representing one of Japan's 47 prefectures. Each Panopticon competes with the others in development, where players set out to seek natural resources and invade other Panopticons. Developed Panopticons have the capability to place other ones under their control, and leaderboards will be used to compare each City-State. Within this mode, criminals fight amongst themselves.

After testing the demo of this game on PSN Japan we can testify that it looks better than the videos shows on youtube!

E3 Demo:


Boss Gameplay:


Main charaters:












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