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starcraft said:

Is Bravely Default worth grabbing?  Need something portable to play!

Arcadia was a fantastic part of that game, I would love to play it again as though I never had.

I greatly approve of N64 smash and Pokemon Emerald (one of the best Poke games!).

Also, did you get one of the recent deals on the ME trilogy?  It is astounding. The first game might feel a little dated now but dont let it discourage you from playing the whole trilogy through!

Bravely Default is obviously worth it! Especially if you are a fan of the old school Final Fantasy games.

I am loving Bioshock so far! I've played a bit of Infinite last year but part 1 is insane with its atmosphere as well!

Yep 3rd gen rules :P and so many memories of the first Smash!

Not sure about recent deals but I got ME1 as a gift from someone here :P (THANKS!) and ME2 I bought last year's summer sale. I'll get ME3 sometime later maybe during christmas this year off of Origin.


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