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2008ProchargedGT said:

Not sure you under stand what the term relative means. example. Susie buys a hot doy and hast to pay 45% in taxes she paid $1.00 for the hotdog the tax would be .45. OK lets look at it another way Susie wins the lotto and has to pay 45% in taxes Susies winning were $1,000,000 she pays $450,000 in taxes. Common man you have to understand this if your just choosing to ignore whats in front of you. The XBOX1 will NOT near the sales of the PS4 in the USA for a long time if ever. As many have already proven with various trend analyisis your arguing for something that has very very little chance of happening.

That is what I've been trying to tell TheDrill for the past.... I don't even know anymore. He just won't read.