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So are you saying that 55% of 6.3 Millions is close to 45% of 6.3 Millions?

And it needs 15k more weekly to reaches it soon? Now I wonder what percentage 15k represent out of 6.3 Millions. Using simple math logic 15K only represent 0.2% of 6.3 Millions. You are the one with the master degree, maybe you can make more sense out of those numbers.

And what happened to the easy calculation of the gap percentage?? That should be easy for you to compute !!

If you are having trouble getting the gap percentage, I will post it later for you

When I have originally made my prediction it was the case, I will adjust it further after the first 2 or 3 weeks of seeing X1 numbers after the price cut.

55 % is by far no domination from PS4, and is easily reversable especially this early in the generation.

And once again, you glance over other people's posts who already have debunked your so-called arguments, like this one: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6374595

Debunked my arguments? By trying to somehow twist into saying that 45 % is not  close to 55 % ?

This is amusing, because it's clear that X1 is very close to PS4 in USA, and it's by far a single-sided domination as you point it or like to point it to be.


No, it's not close at all. Like I said, percentages are scalar quantities, not definitive quantities. 45% and 55% could be 45 and 55, or 45 billion and 55 billion. 10 isn't that much, but 10 billion is. It's ironic when you keep thumping your chest that you did your math, but in actuality, you're just trying to spin a negative outlook into an impossibly good situation for the X1.

As said before, we're potentially seeing a 600-700k gap. For the X1 to outsell the PS4 this year, it need to sell at least 25k more a week. That is not possible because the PS4 has the mindshare of the consumers and has the better games. Destiny is a pseudo-exclusive for the PS4 because Sony has exclusive advertising rights to the IP. Look what happened with Watch Dogs. Look what happened with the multiplats before that like MGS: Ground Zeroes, Tomb Raider, and Wolfenstein. The PS4 versions always sell substantially better. Driveclub is coming up. Other games like Samurai Warriors 4, Guilty Gears, Warrors Orochi 3, and more are coming later this year.

Repeating "X1 is very close" a quadrillion times won't make your arguments right. After how many weeks, you still haven't provided a single piece of persuasive evidence.

I know what percentage represents, but what you fail to understand is that 45 % is still close to 55 % regardless of the quantity it repsents, that's what percent are used for, not to represent an actual number quantity.

1 % can represent a small or humongous quantity, but it's undeniable that it also represents 1/100.

Hence 45 % can represent as you have said 45 or 45 * 10 ^6, but the truth is still that 45 % is close to 55 % regardless of the actual difference between them, it's the percentage difference that matters.

If during all this generation X1 maintains close to 45 % marketshare, nobody can claim that PS4 dominated US, it will always remain a close battle.