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riecsou said:

Hey I am still waiting for a reply from you. 

With a 27% boost for Xbox One thanks to Watch Dogs in the US on May 31st we have the numbers at 31 k also represents the highest Xbox One has sold during May.

The smallest PS4 sold in the same month is 50K. So adding 15K to the highest number of Xbox One in may that is 46K.

Since you have a master in computer science I think it is fair to say that 50K>46K

Now if by 15k increase you meant outselling the PS4 in the US by 15k , then that will put the number of the Xbox One around 65K. To reach that number Xbox One would need a 100% boost.The second week of Titanfall with bundle available + price cut + free Titanfall, Xbox One only manage to sell 60k. On the third week of Titanfall with still price cut+free Titnfall, Xbox One manage to sell 45k...

So please enlight me with your master in computer science 

Also can you check if the percentage of gap is still 13%?? I am guessing that is an easy calculation for you. 


marketshare wise in the US X1 is 45 % while PS4 is 55 % (between PS4 and X1 only, not including Wii U)

This is still extremely close and the price cut will definitely recover X1 sales in the USA.

So are you saying that 55% of 6.3 Millions is close to 45% of 6.3 Millions?

And it needs 15k more weekly to reaches it soon? Now I wonder what percentage 15k represent out of 6.3 Millions. Using simple math logic 15K only represent 0.2% of 6.3 Millions. You are the one with the master degree, maybe you can make more sense out of those numbers.

And what happened to the easy calculation of the gap percentage?? That should be easy for you to compute !!

If you are having trouble getting the gap percentage, I will post it later for you

When I have originally made my prediction it was the case, I will adjust it further after the first 2 or 3 weeks of seeing X1 numbers after the price cut.

55 % is by far no domination from PS4, and is easily reversable especially this early in the generation.