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UndauntedWizdom said:
Epic cotdamn bumpage! lol. Thread title can remain and probably be true... but only with the word "soon" omitted.

I see a lot of people, including those in the gaming press! who seem to express that opinion, as if MS was somehow bound to overtake the PS4 with the XB1... The reasonins being that 1 - Resolution/FPS/Specs does not matter (doh, why even bother with a new console then?) 2 - Sony's game line up is somehow "dry" despite the PS4 having literally TWICE as many games announced for the remaining of the year...

Add to this that even the very week Titanfall released it sold less than the PS4, in the US, then came the amazing deals... there was no avail, weekly sales were still closer to those of the PS3 than those of the PS4...

Now the kinectless 399 system, it's the same price as the PS4, but the console is now just a weaker console that cost the same as the stronger machine with twice as many games (a lot of multi-platform titles run better on PS4 as well.. in the "worst case" you get parity between the two).

As far as the big AAA titles for the remaining of the year, we will see, but I can see Driveclub going head to head with Forza Horizon 2 and whatever else will be announced at E3 from both companies (Hint, Halo remake will not have more effect than The Last of Us remake...).