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TheDarkLink said:
fallen said:

I do hope Sony is out of business. Not because of themselves, although I feel their product does not add anything good to the market, and I do not like any of ther exclusive franchises, but because I feel their fans care more about winning console wars than actual gaming.

Luckily I dont think Sony will last too much longer. Even though Ps4 sells well (although it's sales are likely plummeting downward everywhere right now), it already kind of feels like a dead product, with little software sales. The hardware is awesome thanks to the American design, but Sony will slowly but surely screw up the rest of it.


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Why the hell did this person got banned? Just because he told his opinion??? This absolutly unsustainable!!! I bet that the person who banned him is a PlayStation Fanboy who can't handle the truth!!! And it is absolutly stupid to ban people because you can just make a new account on this site!!! These website bans are pointless, I already have 15-25 accounts here on this website just because of stupid moderators who don't let people post their own opinions!!!

Flame-bait is a bannable offense.

But he was banned for alternate ID which is a permanently bannable offense.

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