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PigPen said:
DerNebel said:

My opinion is "better" than yours because it is based on data for past Wii U games, past Mario Kart games and the Wii Us userbase.

You literally expect over 50% of Wii U owners to go out and buy MK8 in its first week. You expect it to do about 1.75 as much as MK Wii did in its first week and close to 3 times as much as MK7 did, that is not in the realm of possibilities.

If I were to say that the PS4 would go on to sell 2 million consoles next week, you could rightfully call this opinion ridiculous, cause that is just what it'd be, the same applies to your opinion on MK8s first week sales.

You can't be taken seriously.  Your opinion is NOT better then mines.

At least try to refute my point. If you can look at the situation of the Wii U and the things I just told you about the past MK games and still think "Yup, 3.5 million first week seems plausible", then my "opinion" (I prefer the term prediction) in this regard is definitely better than yours.