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DerNebel said:
PigPen said:

Week one 80,000 is crazy talk.  So you're like saying it will sell like a million lifetime.  First week I thinking 3,500,000 sold.  My first post I have it 2,000,000, but I didn't do it justice and selling Mario Kart 8 short.  It's still number one on Amazon Japan.  It will sell a least a million copies in all countries.  This thread is filled with alot of haters.

1st: This thread is about hardware not software

2nd: Your software expectations for MK are completely ridiculous, the game won't even come close to that first week.

"Barozi" was the first to point that out and he's right.  My software expectation for MK is what it is.  Your claim is ridiculous.  What makes your opinion better then mines.