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Iwata took a 50% pay cut recently and Nintendo isn't in "going bust" levels of trouble - I'm not sure if it is as big a deal for a Japanese CEO to take a significant pay cut as it might be for an American one

That's because an American CEO would simply fire a bunch of employees and cut benefits for the rest. It's a greed vs honour thing

Except they have been laying off quite a number of employes before this happened.

I remember the 10,000 that were layed off in 2012.

286 were layed off from shutting down a HQ in California as well as some Sony Interactive peeps 2 months ago.

1,000 are planned to be layed off by the end of this year in the US from the closing of 20 Sony Electronic stores.

Another 5,000 in this year from thier exit from the PC industry and rearrangement of the TV divison.

Sometimes that has to happen but I've never heard of a North American executive ever taking a pay cut or turning down a bonus because the company they work for isn't doing well.

I listed several examples earlier in the thread.

Though if you'd like another couple.