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goopy20 said:
Lol who cares about the ceo's getting a bonus cut? Those guys make a fortune anyway. Also, just because Sony as a whole isn't doing that great doesn't mean playstation is going anywhere. It's the thing that probably makes them the most money and it just shows how important it is for the company. With MS on the other hand Xbox is just a small portion of their business and it's far more likely that they would sell it off if it's not performing as the shareholders would have liked.

Did you just open the post and just decided to reply without even reading the article? It clearly states that even tho PS4 is doing well it is still trending behind compared to 6 years ago. And Sony as a whole cannot survive on Playstation alone. And even if PS could be on its own, without Sony to back it up it would fail to stay on its fit just like Sega did during their console years.