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Nintendo's new financials paint a very telling picture of how Nintendo feels about the Wii U -- they are forecasting only a paltry 3.6 million in Wii U shipments for the coming fiscal year. Even with Mario Kart and Smash Bros it seems that even Nintendo themselves no longer is expecting any kind of miracle turn around here, looks like reality has set in at the Kyoto offices. That means really Nintendo is starting to brace for a system that fizzles out around 17-18 million LTD most likely as the next year should be the system's peak year in sales. 

It also probably strongly hints that Nintendo is unlikely to resort to price cuts for Wii U as they did for the 3DS ... they view the system as a dud and are not going to incur more losses trying to save it as they are losing money as is. Also probably means that they're not going to spend a ton of money marketing the system -- Mario Kart 8 will get its push, and Smash perhaps too, but I wouldn't expect them to put a whole lot of money on a system they view as a sinking ship.