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BHR-3 said:
wait for some youtube comparisons

i might get the season pass its 20 bucks and you get everything b/c the new trophies require the 2 map packs that go for 10 a piece

this will probably be my most played SP campaign since i did 3 playthrouhgs already the grounded mode adds another 2 for its trophies then you got the ps4 version which will probably require at least 3 if not more

Yep, theres nothing on youtube last time i checked and really no info on this mode besides it being harder and having more agressive ai. 

I wish i bought the season pass a year ago especially if i end up buying this dlc.  15$ for the single player dlc plus 5$ for this would be the same cost of the season pass.  Is there any way I can get the season pass for 5$? :(

I enjoy the multiplayer but refuse to pay 10$ for a map pack.

O well, the ps4 version is gonna have everything?