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This is a goodbye and a permaban request. 

I must admit that my time here has been mostly fun, otherwise I probably wouldn't have posted as much as I have done. But now it is time to close this chapter in the book of my life and open a new one. I love you all (platonically or not) and hope you enjoy your future discussions, bickerings and celebrations on the Chartz. Special shout-outs to my PS Nation homies and the Nintendo fans who secretly are not Nintendo fans (you know who you are).

*closes eyes*

Mods, aim between the eyes, please.

Cuts off legs, leaves near a lava river

-Mr Khan



- TruckOSaurus (readies Darth Vader suit in case of return)

- Rebanned by Starcraft while you're all asleep.

-Kantor, seven months later, just to be part of the group.