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I find it bizarre that Mario Golf doesn't sell well.

Mario spinoffs normally sell extremely well.  Hot Shots Golf sells incredibly well for Sony.

And yet for some reason, a golf spinoff for Mario isn't such a hot performer.  Well, it still sells "well" but comparatively it's kinda low.


Well Nintendo cant rule with all the sports! :p

That said i think we get the idea of "Mario" in the title and automatically think it has to do well. Like you said it'll sell well but wont look like it in a weird way! Why? Cuz of Mario lmao 

Wait intill we see Media Create/Famitsu thread..... I bet we'll have at least 5 people calling Bomba/Flop in the thread cuz of MG selling 40k-60k FW

Am I missing something? I don't remember any sports that Nintendo rule lol. EA rule football, American football, golf and ice hockey, Sony rules baseball and competitive racing.

i guess you could say Wii Sports but that is one game with mini-games, so it doesn't really count.

I didn't mean specifically! I meant in terms of how they do, obviously they dont own the sports as EA has the real ones! 

Beside they have already enough franchises that Rule a Specific Topic/Sport. Its okay for them not to own all of them :p

I Was just saying MG isnt a big sport game like some others they have