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Idunno. But how are Mii's practical? All they are is a horribly cartoony 3D face... and you can pick a shirt color. It is implemented in select nintendo games. That in my opinion, makes the games look and feel lower budget than most of them already do. The who idea of the Mii is childish. The idea of the Mii is to secure children. A child builds a profile on a Mii, describing himself or herself. Becase a 'bio' is a dangerous thing. So nintendo has allowed you to answer a bunch of questions on the Wii to allows someone to get the same idea about someone... just through impractical questions, to force protection on you. That is what a Mii is to me. Forced protection. And a funny looking little guy that is amuseing in select Nintendo games. If you can create your 'character' And then create a house for it to live in. And then have a BLOG on the wall that people can walk up to the wall and READ the blog... ON THE WALL. That would be F*King Awosome. If you beat resistance... Get a Resistance light of some sort or something... Or a poster to put on the wall. Get a Sonic bedsheet. Or some BS like that. And anyone who meets you online can come look at your 'room/house'. That sounds OMFG Awosome. Buy more rooms and stuff, with 'acheivement' points. So the more you play, the more space you get. Voice chat... Have a little 'city' that represents your 'community'. And walk into any of your friends houses, and see what they got. Read their blog. ETC. I'd rather see this than the PSP+PS3 functionality. The Mii Parade is the only way that Mii's work online for the current time... and well. I've heard of people with their friends maxed out, each haveing like 20 mii's and they get 1 or 2 other mii's to show up every few hours. So for a Mii parade of 20-30 Mii's Your looking at needing 100+ friends... yet your limited to I think 20. Stolen or not. This idea is killer. This stuff happens all the time. Usually companies are afraid to post stuff like that in fear of legal action.

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