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DerNebel said:
UK numbers make sense IMO.

The software numbers don't.  The past two weeks have had software numbers for the DS/Wii ridiculously high.  They are actually up YoY the past 2 weeks.  The DS by quite a bit.  Over the past two weeks, DS software has been up nearly 62% over the same two week period last year (VGC numbers).  That is despite the charts from jvm showing 50%+ declines YoY in January and February. 

Also, last year he had April at 82k for Wii software and the same for DS software.  In just the last two weeks, VGC has 88k for the Wii and 82k for the DS.  This would put the DS on track for its largest non-December month since 2012.  By a pretty decent margin as well.

It also runs contrary to the rest of the world where the Wii and DS have seen significant declines in those same weeks YoY.  If there was some fire sale in the UK of DS and Wii games, it hasn't made itself manifest in the rankings on chart-track.  The last Wii game to appear in the units top 40 was Just Dance the week ending February 8th.  None of the exclusive games for the Wii/DS that appear on their budget charts made it onto the top 40 budget chart.

Some of the others look a bit odd as well, but the DS and Wii numbers are the most blatant.