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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
NinjaBlade360 said:

Why are they making SMT x Fire Emblem instead of Persona 4 x Fire Emblem then?

Every single piece of evidence you've suggested is inconclusive. Stuff like "who knows" "maybe" "alot can happen in a year" "Sega owning Atlus" none of that is conclusive. Nintendo could have bought Atlus, if they wanted Persona so much.

Until I see Persona 4 arena on a Nintendo Console, Persona Q is not enough.

Because maybe Persona has never been with history on nintendo platforms before?

Also why is P4 Arena viable but PQ isnt? Both dont play like Persona games lol

So street fighter=Persona now and EO=/=Persona? I think PQ is more viable than arena as they are different genres