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Carl2291 said:

eekly Hardware Chart 19th April 2014

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
53,441 46,401 13,582 127,884
34,772 38,861 21,024 105,421
65,495 20,387 N/A 92,460
11,491 21,113 6,913 48,924
2,605 7,379 18,888 35,492
20,189 10,936 212 33,222
14,303 9,748 5,344 32,176
709 5,555 1,893 11,512
4,842 4,606 160 10,611

Those Xbox One numbers in the UK are over 50% of the total in Europe.

~11,500 in the UK vs ~9,000 in the rest of Europe. Thats quite something. Someone correct me if Im wrong here, but I dont remember the 360 ever having/ maintaining a ratio like that with UK to Mainland Europe. Granted, the Xbox One is still to launch in a lot of EU countries, but I just find that UK bias on the numbers to be a tad surprising.

I don't think this is surprising. Xbox was never that popular in Europe except for UK. The X1 being even less popular now shifts the ratios in all other countries to the extremes where PS was already more popular. UK is able to keep the sales up because of the high Xbox ratio of last gen. Look at Germany for example. They had a ratio of 1.4:1 for PS3 to Xbox. Now they're at 2.2:1(with extremely low availability). I expect all European countries where PS3 was leading to shift much more to the extreme while UK will stay at about 1:1 ore better, much like US.

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