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Obviously, Nintendo lacks third party support on both the Wii U and 3ds. If Nintendo has around $11 billion in cash reserves why dont they go on a buying spree or just the aquisition of companies's IP's. There are so many companies they can buy, western and eastern. Ubisoft as a whole is only worth $1.34 billion. Square Enix is worth around $2 billion. Konami is worth around $3.5 billion. Capcom is worth around $1.2 billion. Take Two Interactive is worth only $2.05 billion. If Nintendo bought all of these companies I listed they would still have a billion dollars left (I am not saying they should buy all these but I am showing that they have enough to acquire at least two of these companies). Even Valve is only around $3 billion. (It is rumored to be worth more than EA GAMES which is at around $3 billion as well which is weird since Electroic Arts is worth $8-9 billion) 

Imagine if Nintendo were to acquire Capcom or Konami or Square Enix and Ubisoft or Take Two Interactive or even Valve. In my opinion Nintendo should acquire Square Enix and/or Capcom along with Ubisoft and Take Two interactive. That would come up to a total of approximately $4.6-6.6 billion. They do not even need to acquire all of the company but just enough to gain exclusives and extra features. Nintendo is missing huge oppurtunities by not buying third party companies.

Who do you think Nintendo should buy?