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Zero999 said:
biggamejames79 said:

The bolded part above has me laughing so hard I'm crying!  I liked ZombiU, but compared to Killzone SF or Ryse, it looks like last gen.  The PS3 could have ran ZombiU and it probably would have looked even better.

There was so much optimism on the Wii's successor, and even though I like the Wii and Wii U, those who said the motion controls of the Wii were a fad have been proved right.  Nintendo still has a lot of great first party games, but the majority of the Wii's sales weren't by people who really like to play video games all the time, hence all the youtube videos of older people flinging their Wiimotes into walls and TV's.  Selling to the majority casual crowd was a good business decision in the 7th Gen, but the Wii U gamepad function just isn't hitting with the casual gimick loving crowd.

Gamers are voting with their wallets, PS4 is the choice right now.

since when is zombi U a nintendo first party? and no ps4 xone exclusive really look better than mk8, so it was kinda true.

bolded: when? answer: never, motion controls were great and still deliver the definitive controls for certain genres, including fps.

Oh my. Don't ever change Zero.

I admire your steadfastness if that's a word.