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Nem said:

Sounds like they are taking a page from the microsoft press releases that dx12 will make it perform twice as better.

Sony, Microsft and Nintendo if they think of doing the same... when you have to come out and say it, you dont sound believable. The products will do the talking, not you.

I find these press releases almost insulting. Here is what you should think! Honestly, it seems like its the only medium where customers are treated like retards.

Nope, not really comparable. TLOU remaster was just announced yesterday, its not anticipated and as such needs all the marketting and hype it can get. Sony isn't just going to leave it out to flop, they want to make sure people know about this game.

Plus seeing how its a game coming soon, with verifiyable results its not even close to the dx12 performing twice as better which doesn't have any support to it and no virutual basis, twice better performance on what? XB1? In which areas?

In contrast, TLOU RM says 1080p targetting 60, so it will be 1080p with probably an unlocked framerate b/w 50-60+.

Do you honestly believe a remaster will sell on word of mouth alone? The expectation was that this game would be on PS Now rather than ported so nobody was truly expecting the TLOU Emerald Edition.

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