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Dunban67 said:
episteme said:
Dunban67 said:
If Retro would have done a 3D Metroid game instead (released at the same time), would it have sold more software? Would it have sold more hardware?

We may never know for sure but I will bet almost anything that it would have sold alt more of both and when/if Retro does a 3D Metroid game for the Wii U it will sell more software and hardware than DKTF

I highly doubt it. The Metroid franchise isn't very big. Tropical Freeze will probably sell more than Metroid Prime 3 that had a 100M install base.

I hope we get to find out how a new Metroid game does on the Wii u-  at this point none of the usual power hitters among the Nintendo frachises has moved a meanigful amount of consoles-  maybe it is time to give some of the others a chance-      although i boughht the Wii u at launch (mistkae but it lined up w my 8 year olds b day and X mas very well) , I value a console ove ts lifetime-   We still have some excellent  Wii games we have not played  and many others that warant a return -  despite alot of shovel ware and little support at the end of its lifespan, the Wii had alot of great software w a diverse library cumlitlvly- But i am not feeeling very confident about the future of the Wi U library-  there have been some great games but if you don t love all the 1st party games and some most of the 3rd party then the library gets thin quick-    right now the Wii U is primarily a Nintendo/platforming console-  that is not what Nintendo was selling at launch nore is it what i intended to purchase-    

Well, everyone says that NSMBU and 3D World did nothing, but I'd say that the Wii U wouldn't have half of it's sales without those games. 3D World sold around 2M and the Wii U also sold around 2M since 3D World's launch. NSMBU had a 57% attach rate before it was bundled (its 64% now).

But yes, the Wii U should have had one additional Nintendo game in the first halves of 2013 and 2014. They don't have enough employees.

I liked Wii u's first year more than Wii's. Probably because I don't like Twilight Princess that much (Wind Waker was much better)  and 3D World is my favourite couch multiplayer game of all time.