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Dunban67 said:
What time frame do you consider launch? Day 1 only, 1st week, month, 2 months etc.?

Just the first day on the market. Otherwise, I'd be ranking the SNES and GameCube higher and the N64 and Wii U lower.

I really like the SNES and its game library. If we were to count all of latter 1991 as the "launch window," then games like Final Fantasy 2/4, Final Fight, UN Squadron, Actraiser, and Super Castlevania 4 would have pushed it a bunch of spots ahead. And though I'm not as big a GameCube fan, if we were to include Pikmin and Super Smash Bros Melee as part of the launch lineup, it'd be ahead of the NES IMO. However, I was only counting launch day. And back during the SNES and GameCube launches, a lot of the biggest and best games came out weeks later.


And to everybody saying I got the NES price wrong... I'm not counting the 1985 limited release that only happened in New York City. From what I can find, a roughly $100 bundle with SMB was available by the time the NES launched nationwide in 1986.

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