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Ah, young Salnax, it's obvious you are judging the launch of SNES through the lense of Wikipedia, and not as someone who actually experienced it. The system launched with SMW, F-Zero and Pilotwings, but for the next few months incredible new titles saw non-stop release. Before its first Christmas, SNES had:

-Super Castlevania 4
-Final Fantasy 4
-Super Gouls n' Ghosts
-Final Fight
-Sim City
-Gradius III
-Bases Loaded

...and many more. These are mostly exclusive or upgraded versions of these games and they were massive leaps over anything available on the market. There was no "launch games look like last-gen" talk. You put in F-Zero, you're mind was blown. You hear the music of FFIV or Castlevania IV and compare it to the bleeps and bloops of last gen or even the weak synthesizer of the Sega Genesis and it was like a whole new world.

The system was amazing, the games were many and impressive, the price was good and the system sold very well. It soon caught up to Genesis despite the 2-year head start. The launch was great with non-stop next-gen games, and they even had Zelda ready by April of the next year. Saying it was a poor launch is just uneducated.

Also, as stated above, the NES launched at a very expensive price. You're just wrong there. It also took a while to get going.