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Now that all the kids are asleep, I have a confession to make... that I actually hate drinking Jizz

Yes! The secret is now out and I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to tell someone!!! The strong soothing smell, the yummy sour taste and the multitudes of flavor (depending where you drink it from) is just not good enough anymore.


I had my first true drink with I was fighting a giant squid in the Atlantic Ocean. God, the size of it flooded my ship I had to drink all of it since it’s one of the first steps of becoming the very best in my ancestor’s legacy of Jizz_Beard_thePirates but alas, I cannot! I used to love Jizz so much yet all I do these days is waste them by spilling it on the floor and lettings girls lay in them, how wastefull I have become…

And with my last drink, on April First, my wonderful, sexy, jaw dropping, dolphin fapping body cannot take it anymore… Forgive me my ancestors! Forgive me Haruhi! Forgive me VGC people but I cannot take it anymore!

PS: Thats milk you dirty minded people!
PPS: Why are you still reading this? Comment damn it!
PPPS: Quit Reading!



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