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Please read entire OP's before posting from now on.




I would say no. I have never seen metacritic make a game sell less units.

Beyond Two Souls! The game had big hype before reviewers(some of them) crush the game score.Most people that actually played the game said is not as bad like as some reviewers painted.I played and if you liked Heavy Rain(an 83 game on metacritic) you probably will like it too.

I was pretty excited about beyond two souls.  I really liked indigo prophecy and heavy rain, but good lord beyond was terrible.  The gameplay wasn't really all that bad, but it did seem to require less input from the player compared to previous games and some of the controls were terrible.  However, the biggest problems was the narrative structure, the all over the place approach was terrible and hard to put a cohesive story together.  

Honestly, if anything I think the reviewers were very forgiving with their scores.  Beyond two souls was a big let down...